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Hotel rules


The regulations apply to all hotel guests and define the rules of staying at the hotel, providing services, as well as obligations that are an integral part of the contract for the provision of hotel services, which is concluded by signing a registration card, making booking or making an advance payment for the hotel stay.

The Regulations are available at the Hotel Reception, on the Hotel’s website, as well as in all hotel rooms.


Hotel room is rented by the day.

Upon completion and signing of the Registration Card, the service is performed by the Hotel and it is not possible to cancel the reservation regardless of the circumstances. This applies to both advance bookings and so-called walk-in, i.e. made without notice and immediately before check-in
The accommodation service has the status of completed even if the Guest did not spend the night in the room after checking in. This applies to both advance bookings and so-called walk-in, i.e. made without notice and immediately before check-in.

If the Guest does not specify the length of stay, when renting a room, it is assumed that the room has been rented for one day.

The hotel day starts at 3:00 pm on the day of arrival and ends at 11:00 am the next day.
Quiet time in the hotel is from 10:00 pm to 06:00 am. In the event of non-compliance, a fine of PLN 500.00 will be imposed, if the imposed penalty is not effective, the Hotel will be forced to call the security services.

In accordance with the Hotel’s regulations, the hotel room is cleaned every day, and the bed linen is changed every 3 days. If the Guest does not agree to refresh the room, please hang the appropriate hanger on the door. At the Guest’s request, the room can be cleaned and the bed linen changed on any day indicated by the Guest, also by hanging an appropriate hanger on the door.

The wish to extend the stay beyond the time frame indicated at the time of booking should be reported to the Reception Desk by 10:00 a.m. on the day when the hotel room rental period expires. The hotel will consider the Guest’s request to extend the stay, if possible. The hotel may refuse to extend the stay if there are no free rooms, and if the Guest fails to comply with these Regulations or does not pay the amount due for the current stay.

It is also possible to request early check-in or late check-out, subject to availability. The value of such a service is 50% of the basic, confirmed room price, but not less than PLN 150.00

In order to guarantee a reservation, it is necessary to pay a deposit up to 7 days before arrival. The deposit can be paid by wire transfer, quick payment link or in person by card or cash at the reception.

No-cost cancellation of the reservation is possible by the date specified in the reservation confirmation email.

In the case of cancellation of an online reservation made through Internet services, cancellation is possible in accordance with the terms and conditions of cancellation of a reservation made through this method, which the person making the reservation has accepted.

In case of cancellation of a reservation after the no-cost cancellation date or the guest’s non-arrival, a debit note will be issued for the amount of the deposit that was paid for this reservation.


At check-in, the hotel guest presents a photo ID and signs a residence card.

A hotel guest may not transfer the room to other persons, even if the period for which he has paid the fee for the stay has not expired.

The Hotel reserves the right to request a deposit or pre-authorize credit card payments: for the stay, and also reserves the right to charge its credit card for damages or unpaid bills after the Guest leaves the Hotel.
Persons not registered at the Hotel (whose stay has not been registered) may stay in the hotel room from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. After 22:00, additional people staying in the room are required to check in at an additional cost based on the daily rate.

The Hotel may refuse to accept a Guest who grossly violated the regulations during previous visits, in particular caused damage to the person or property of guest rooms, hotel staff, other persons, and otherwise disturbed the stay of hotel guests or the functioning of the hotel.


The hotel provides services in accordance with its category and standards.

In the event of reservations regarding the quality of services, the Guest is asked to report them to the Reception Desk as soon as possible, which will allow the Hotel to improve the quality of services in order to properly respond to the matter.

The hotel is obliged to provide:

  • Conditions for full and unrestricted rest of the Guest.
  • Security of the stay, including the security of maintaining the confidentiality of information about the Guest.
  • Professional and courteous service in chargeend of all services provided in the hotel.
  • Cleaning the room and performing necessary repairs of devices during the Guest’s absence, and in his presence only if he wishes.
  • A technically sound room: in the event of defects that cannot be removed, the hotel will endeavor to change the room or otherwise mitigate the inconvenience, if possible.< /li>


On request, the Hotel provides the following services included in the price of the stay:

  • Residence and travel information.
  • Wake up at the specified time.
  • Luggage storage (The hotel may refuse to store luggage at a time other than the period of the Guest’s stay and items that do not have the features of personal luggage).
  • Storage (during the Guest’s stay at the hotel) of money, securities and other valuable items, in particular valuables, jewelry, items of scientific or artistic value, unless otherwise prohibited by mandatory law. The hotel may refuse to store these items only if they pose a threat to security or if they are too valuable or take up too much space in relation to the size or standard of the hotel.
  • Ordering a taxi.


Rules for the use of the sauna and jacuzzi

  • Guests may use the saunas and jacuzzi free of charge during their stay (subject to availability).
  • The sauna and jacuzzi area is for persons 18 years of age and over only.
  • In the saunas and jacuzzi there is a no-textile zone – use is only possible without a swimming costume.
  • In the sauna area the rule of barefoot use applies – flip-flops should be left outside the sauna.
  • Towels provided by the hotel may be used in the sauna area.
  • The Lenart Hotel is not liable for health consequences resulting from the use of the saunas.
  • The user uses the sauna at his/her own risk according to his/her knowledge of his/her health condition.


    Behavior of Guests and the person using the Hotel’s services should not disturb the peaceful stay of other Guests. The hotel has the right to refuse to continue providing services to a person who violates this rule, which does not release them from the obligation to pay for the current stay (each commenced hotel day) and additional services and possible compensation.

Before leaving the room, you should:

  • Close room plumbing taps.
  • Leave used bathrobes on the bathroom floor.
  • Turn off electrical devices in the room (lights, TV, etc.)

In the interests of the safe and comfortable stay of guests at the hotel, the following rules apply:

  • Due to fire safety, it is forbidden to use heaters, electric irons and other similar devices that are not room equipment in hotel rooms.
  • It is forbidden to assemble and store dangerous materials, including weapons, ammunition, explosives, flammable, lighting, toxic, corrosive materials.
  • There is a total non-smoking policy, and violation of this rule will result in a penalty fee of PLN 400.00 for a flat fee for refreshing the room. However, if the fire alarm goes off, the Guest will be held responsible for covering the cost of the fire brigade.
  • Children under 15 should be under constant adult supervision.
  • Any changes to the hotel rooms and their furnishings are not allowed, except for minor relocation of small movable furniture and equipment without compromising functionality and safety, including interference with any installations or devices in the hotel .
  • It is forbidden to emit excessive noise, smells that disturb other people staying in the hotel.
  • It is forbidden for guests to enter places where meetings, conferences, weddings and other special events are held, to which the hotel guest is not invited or is not a participant.</ li>
  • There is a charge of 100zł for lost or damaged bathrobes.

A hotel guest who, by violating these regulations, caused damage to the hotel or other guests residing in the hotel, is obliged to repair it immediately.


The hotel is liable for the loss or damage of items brought in by persons using the hotel’s services under the relevant provisions of the Civil Code. The hotel is liable for the loss, destruction or damage of cash, securities and other valuables, in particular valuables, jewelry and items of scientific or artistic value, only if these items are deposited in the hotel’s deposit. The injured party should inform the hotel reception of the damage immediately after finding it.

The hotel is not responsible for the destruction, loss or damage of cars or other vehicles and items contained in them and belonging to hotel guests.


Please check that the door is properly closed each time you leave the room.

The hotel guest is responsible for any damage or destruction or loss of items caused in the hotel or its surroundings by the fault of the guest or persons visiting him or staying under his care (e.g. children).

The guest should immediately notify the hotel reception of any damage caused. The Hotel will charge the Guest for the damage caused according to the cost estimate, which may be prepared during the Guest’s stay at the hotel. If it is not possible to determine the amount immediately, the Hotel will prepare a preliminary cost estimate within no more than 5 working days, about which the Hotel staff will inform by phone, e-mail or traditional mail, in accordance with the prepared protocol. Guests will be charged hotel fees in the amount corresponding to the damage caused (i.e. excluding the room from the sale), as well as fees to compensate for the damage.

A hotel guest who, by violating these regulations, caused damage to other guests staying in the hotel, is obliged to repair it immediately.


Personal items left in the room by the Guest will be sent at his request to the address indicated by him and at his expense. In the absence of such an instruction, the Hotel will store these items for a period of six months and after this period will be entitled to destroy them. In the case of food or other perishable items that are subject to deterioration, they will be stored, but not for more than 24 hours.


All complaints and comments regarding the stay should be submitted to the hotel management in writing to the following e-mail address: recepcja@hotellenart.pl