Wieliczka Attractions/Sights


Wieliczka Salt Mine

In 1978 Mine has been writen on World Heritage Unesco List reserved only for most unique and biuteful pacles of the world. Wieliczka Salt Mine are chaples, noumorous chambers, salt lakes.
For Volunteers Salt Mines guides prepared diferent kind of exciteing touristic routes. XIV century Regis shaft is the oldest Wieliczka’s minning shaft. Sightseeing of minning route in Salt Mine is not typical wandering, but real journey over centuries.

Salt Castle

Builded in XIII century at the rule of Kazimierz the Great. Today in the walls of castle we can find one of the most importand minning museums in Europe. Museum resources are impressive: about 19 thousand of exibits , amon other wooden collection of extraction machines, spacious minning library nad maps of underground corridors.

Lesser Poland Track & field Arena

Lesser Poland Track & field Arena is suited on the second side of the road. So close that you can see it from hotel’s window. That sport venue i available for everyone and ideal for nordic walking or running. Nordic walking sticks are possible to rent at Hotel recepiton desk. Track & field arena have flood-light.

3D Painting  

“Salt World” in Wieliczka is currently the biggest 3D painitng in Poland an propably second in the wordl righter after london’s “Reebok CrossFit: 3D Street Art”.

Swimming pool  

Swimming pool is situated just five minutes of walk from Lenart Hotel. Mesurements of swimming pool are 25 x 12,5 metres with an audience for 100 people, recreational swimming pool with a slide, hydromassage facilites, geasers, wall-massage and footbath for a youngsters.

Tennis courts

Professional tennis courts in biuteful surrounding of old woods of Mickiewicz Park in a distance of 10 minutes of walk from Lenart hotel. Tennis Courts are avialable 7 day a week for 6:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m

Rope Course

Loacated only 1 km from Wieliczka City Centre on are of ecologic forest complex. Park works 7 days a week Monday-Friday in hours 12 p.m to 8 p.m, sunday & Saturday between 10 a.m to 8 p.m.

Nording walking nearby Mickiewicz’s Park

Town Mickiewcz’s Park has been founded in 1835 according to blueprint of Garczynski. It is second town park founded in Poland in that period. Surface of park is about 7,11 hectares. Park bordering directly to buildings of Salt Mine, Saint Kinga’s Shaft.

Salt Spring  

Salt Spring is about 10 minutes away for Lenart Hotel****. A gentle walk in Spring is one of the most pleasure kind of inhale therapy. Natural salt aerosol created is Spring hallways are similar to that can be founded on the polish seaside. Additional part of spring prepared for guests is 22 meter height Sightseeing Tower. From Tower people have a breathtaking view on park and mining shafts.

Saint Sebastian’s Church

Wooden made little church of Saint Sebastian is located on eastern-south borders of Wieliczka. Situated on steep slope surrounded by few hundred year trees.