Hotel Lenart**** Cracow Wieliczka Małopolska – a modern hotel with family atmosphere

Hotel Lenart**** may be proud of its unique history. Today’s multi-function building was arranged in lieu of an old Wieliczka brick factory. Apart from the Salt Mine, the brick factory used to be one of the key industrial sites at Wieliczka from 1902 almost to the end of the 20th century. Its founder – Eliasz Hirsch Friedmann – owned also a mill and a sawmill which together with the brick factory constituted the Friedmann Works. After World War Two, the brick factory was taken over by the Żupy Krakowskie (Cracow’s Saltworks) Enterprise; nevertheless, the Brick Factory continued to thrive, like in the 1970s when the Factory was, in turn, made part of Terenowe Zakłady Ceramiki Budowlanej (Local Building Ceramics Factory). For more than a century, there were manufactured bricks, roof tiles and drain pipes.

Hotel Lenart**** is set in an extraordinary location within the Malopolska Region, and its most peculiar structural part is a 46 m chimney, a vestige of the former brick factory. That red brick chimney has been standing there for a whole century and has been entered into the register of historic places. The name of the Pod Kominem Restauraunt is derived exactly from the chimney itself. (Komin). This restaurant is also unique, because this historical structure keeps on standing in front of its door.

Integral parts of the hotel are the restaurant, the pub and conference halls. Therefore, you can find here not only accommodation, but also have nice meals, meet your friends , organize successfully your banquet, wedding , baptism and christening parties, as well as the First Communion or conferences and/or training events.