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Wieliczka's attractions

Wieliczka Salt Mine link /a 20 minutes’ walk from Hotel Lenart****

In 1978, the Wieliczka Salt Mine was entered onto the UNESCO list of World Heritage that specifies only the most beautiful historical landmarks worldwide. Indeed, this mine is unique worldwide. There are chapels, numerous chambers and brine lakes, and exciting tourist routes for those who wish to admire this mine. The 14th century Regis shaft is the oldest one in Wieliczka. The tourist route does not mean a simple walk, but a veritable expedition through the centuries. Two modern elevators fitted in the shaft operate like a time machine bringing tourists back to the Middle Ages and Renaissance.The route starts in the Danilowicz Shaft (-243 m) and ends in the Danilowicz shaft bottom (-135 m)


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Zamek Żupny (Saltworks Castle) at Wieliczka-link /a 25 minutes’ walk from Hotel Lenart****

Erected in the 13th century in the reign of Casimir the Great. Today, it houses one of most famous mining museums in Europe, viz. the Saltworks Museum. There are around 19,000 exhibits, among other things, a collection of wooden hoisting machinery, a vast mining library and maps of underground corridors.

The Wieliczka Region encourages also tourists to walk on the Four Religious Sites route (Cztery Miejsca Sakralne).While following this route, you will visit the St. Clement’s Church, the Church and Convent of Franciscans, St Sebastian Church and a municipal cemetery dating back to the early 19th century. When you are in this area, remember that worth seeing is the largest 3D picture worldwide, painted on the Wieliczka Main square.


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Swimming pool Solne Miasto ( Salt City)


A 25 x 12. m swimming pool, a fun swimming pool with a chute and aqua massage equipment, a waters edge curtain, geysers, wall massage with a strong water stream and a wading pool for the youngest swimmers provided with a small chute. Opening hours: 6:30 am – 10 pm. Ticket prices start from 6 PLN , at weekends – from 9 PLN. You may acquire a family pass ( promotional pricing).


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Korty tenisowe SaTennis courts Solne Miasto ( Salt City)olne Miasto


Professional tennis courts set in a beautiful location of ancient old trees in the Mickiewicz Park.You will need only a 10 minutes’ walk from Hotel Lenart****. Opening hours: 6:00 am – 10 pm every day.You may take lessons from professionals and hire tennis equipment. The court complex consists of 1 lawn court and two courts with artificial grass. Price: PLN 30/hour; advance booking required.


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Body-building centre Solne Miasto ( Salt City)

There is a bodybuilding centre in the Salt City. The prices depend on the equipment desired by the Guests and on the exercising time. You may come without prior booking; yet, it is advisable to make a call and check whether the equipment is available at the moment.


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Ropes course Wieliczka-Grabówki


Open until the end of October. Situated only 0.7 mile off the Wieliczka centre, within an ecological woodland. Open 7 days a week (MON – FRI, 12:00 am – 8 pm), Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am – 8 pm. Services are provided for kids, young people and adults; the offer includes ‘a low course’ at 15 PLN/person and a ‘high course’ at PLN 25 per person. You may obtain a family pass (promotional pricing); advance booking required.


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Nordic Walking in the Mickiewicz Park


The municipal Adam Mickiewicz Park was set up in1835 according to the layout by Garszczyński. This is the second Polish city park founded in those times. Its area is 7,11 ha; the park is adjacent to the buildings situated in the premises of the Salt Mine, St. Kunegunda Shaft. Nearby the Park there is a red cycling route running from the east towards the Salt Mine, and further on, to the market square. The northern border of the Park is skirted by the Serafa torrent. Our guests can hire Nordic Walking sticks and spend their leisure in the nearby park. Sticks are available at the reception and hired free of charge.


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A walk around Wieliczka


We would like to recommend you a walk along John Paul II Avenue – on the left-hand side you will see the Museum and the Saltworks Castle.On the other side of the Saltworks Castle situated is the St Clement’s Church (with the chapel of the Morstin family and King John Sobieski belfry).Walking up, you will reach the market square with its main attraction – viz.a 3 D painting – the largest in Poland and one of the largest worldwide.

Franciscan convent


Over the hotel, around 200 m, in the north-western part of Wieliczka located is the St Francis from Assisi Stigmata church and the Franciscan Reformers’ convent. The church was erected in the years 1624-1626. It was the first stone sanctuary of Reformed Franciscans in the Małopolska Province realized from the foundation of King Sigismund’s III Vasa. The church houses the temple dedicated to Our Lady of Graces and Princess of Wieliczka (with an image of Our Lady of Graces and of Brother Alojzy Kosiba, servant of God.